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Almost there!

I’m like the shoemaker whose kids don’t have any shoes. Not that my kids need a website… and when they do you can be sure they will design and develop their own, but I have spent since 1999 designing and developing websites for other people, abandoning my own.

It had been so long since I updated my site that it actually looked really good on a cellphone, the resolution was so small! When you viewed it on any monitor it only took up 1/16th of the screen and you could barely read the text. And it had flash… that says it all right there!

So finally I got with the program and made myself something modern and snazzy, using jQuery and Ajax and a wordpress theme. I’m still getting the hang of all this wordpress stuff, I came from the world of hand-coding HTML, nested tables and dropdown navigation created in Adobe Fireworks. I remember when Flash and Dreamweaver were Macromedia! See, I’m old.

Keep checking back – I’m working on the portfolio section now. And if you’re a client or former client, email me some testimonials so I can tell everyone how awesome I am to work with 🙂