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Raw Food

We’ve all read about it, all the fit celebrities claim they lose weight by eating raw (plus working out 6 days a week with a trainer and having someone prepare all their food!) so I decided to give it a try.

IMG_4483There’s a raw/vegan/gluten free restaurant in Winter Park called Cafe 118 Degrees. I figured it would be an experience, and wasn’t sure if I would like it or not, but decided to give it a try. I was absolutely blown away at how good everything tasted!

We started with a curried cashew salad, on a bed of field greens with cashews and blueberries. SO delicious! For an entree I went for the lasagna, made with thin sliced zucchini, stacked with ricotta “cheese” which was really a light fluffy cashew paste, a sun dried tomato sauce, pistachio pesto and fresh basil. It was divine, and really did taste like traditional lasagna, thanks to the amazing home made sauce. I make my own pasta sauce from fresh tomatoes, so I know when it’s real, and this one was absolutely real.

My kids and I are all gluten free – not by choice, out of necessity. My daughter breaks out in hives when she gets wheat, so we rarely go out. It’s nice to go somewhere and be able to order anything on the menu (except their pad thai has soy sauce in it so avoid that if you’re GF), and the deserts were all fine for us too. I highly recommend the s’mores. All their ice creams are made from home made almond milk, and are so smooth and creamy you would never know it’s diary free. We’ll be going back for sure, if just for the desserts.

Give it a try if you’re looking to expand your culinary horizons. Just be careful if you have nut allergies as it seemed like every dish had some sort of nut ingredient.

Don’t know if I could go entirely raw forever, it would be a lot of work and time in the kitchen. Maybe when I’m rich and famous I can hire a chef – but for now it’s just fun to try something new.

Love this message!

So inspiring:

“Consider what you have as a gift and what you miss as an opportunity.”

That’s a motto to live by!

Settled and Back to Work

After a few weeks of upheaval, I’m finally settled in Orlando. It’s good to be back! I grew up here and at 17 I was desperate to go somewhere, anywhere, far from home. California was calling to me! I left and never looked back. Now I’ve returned and I realize it isn’t as bad as I remember. Yes, it’s hot, yes it’s humid and there are big bugs, but I have such a wonderful family and so much support here – something I didn’t appreciate when I was a teenager, but now I understand that’s what’s the most important!

We’re moving

Imagination and Design (which is really just me) has been in Southern California for 15 years. In July we are moving to Orlando, Florida. So for all you FL clients, I will be able to meet up and put a face to a name now. And for all my CA peeps, I’m still available and it will be even better, I’ll be 3 hours ahead of you.

Almost there!

I’m like the shoemaker whose kids don’t have any shoes. Not that my kids need a website… and when they do you can be sure they will design and develop their own, but I have spent since 1999 designing and developing websites for other people, abandoning my own.

It had been so long since I updated my site that it actually looked really good on a cellphone, the resolution was so small! When you viewed it on any monitor it only took up 1/16th of the screen and you could barely read the text. And it had flash… that says it all right there!

So finally I got with the program and made myself something modern and snazzy, using jQuery and Ajax and a wordpress theme. I’m still getting the hang of all this wordpress stuff, I came from the world of hand-coding HTML, nested tables and dropdown navigation created in Adobe Fireworks. I remember when Flash and Dreamweaver were Macromedia! See, I’m old.

Keep checking back – I’m working on the portfolio section now. And if you’re a client or former client, email me some testimonials so I can tell everyone how awesome I am to work with 🙂