About Toggle

My Philosophy

In order to best serve my clients, my goal is quick response times and a fast turn-around.

I am extremely motivated to complete each project as soon as possible. It’s important to me that my clients’ needs, questions, and concerns are answered quickly. Your time is valuable, and you can’t sit around all day waiting for a response from your designer. My philosophy is simple – to be available to my clients by phone or email when they need me. I give time estimates before each project, then I deliver!


  • dedicated and honest
  • extremely creative
  • hard working and persistent
  • full of ideas
  • addicted to coffee

My Mission

My mission is to surpass client expectations with original, creative designs. I have a strong track record of success and will work with your organization until the project is exactly as you envisioned it – or better!

Often times clients have a hard time expressing their design needs. I am very talented at listening to the details and capturing the “look and feel” perfectly. And I will work with you until it is finished, even if that means 25 revisions. It’s your art. I can handle constructive criticism without getting offended, and I keep the communication open until we reach the final design. That’s such a great feeling for me, I love my job!

My Skills

Adobe Creative Suite 95%

Web Design 95%

WordPress 90%

SEO 50%

HTML 90%

PHP 50%

Hosting 75%